Quality Home Repairs
            No "surcharge" for nights, weekends, or holidays
For fastest response, Please call me @ 
(This number is forwarded to my cell so you can easily reach me - day or night)
(650) 619-8447
If you are a no-show at our scheduled appt. time, or cancel less than 4 business hours prior, you will still be responsible for payment of missed appt. in full prior to booking future appointments.  
Sevice Area: From Embarcadero Rd. to Ralston Ave. - East of 280 and West of Highway 101
                        Remove existing and replace (labor only):
 - Garbage disposal                   $115                   - Toilet                                 $185
 - Kitchen faucet                        $130                    - Light fixture                        $45  
 - Bathroom sink faucet w/drain $165                  - Doorknob or Deadbolt       $40
 - Light switch/outlet/dimmer      $25                    - Dishwasher                       $185
 - Fill valve on most toilets         $45                    - Toilet flapper                     $25
 - Toilet to floor seal "wax ring"   $95                   - "Insta-Hot" tank                 $65
-  Bath exhaust fan                    $395                  - Ceilng fan                         $150
 - Replace rotted wood under kitchen sink $185   - Ring Doorbell                  $95       
 - Exhaust hood over stove/oven  $165 (with microwave add $60)
 - Mount flat screen t.v. to standard wall $85 (no wiring to components or programming included at this price)
I have been in business since 1999 and in that time, I have gotten a good feel for how much work some standard jobs may take:
No Cost/No Obligation Estimate
 On most projects, I can give you an exact price to do your project over the phone or email. Or if you prefer we can meet for a free consultation
 Hourly rate
 On smaller jobs (not on the list above) or jobs where the scope of the work won't 
 be known until the job has begun, Hourly charges will apply

                      Minumum Charge ---- $50
(I believe this is the lowest minimum charge in the area!!)
When comparing rates between several companies, I tell my clients to take note of several items:
 - Most guys don't have any insurance - NONE!!!  I on the other hand carry 2 million dollars in liability insurance. This helps protect both of us.
 - I guarantee my workmanship without any silly time limits - Other guys vary from none to maybe 30 days or so (if you can get them to come back) How can you put a time limit on the job being done right?